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For-profit Enterprise Customers - Guidelines

As a private enterprise, you can count on our low-cost, high-quality software products and services put technology to work in improving your bottom-line.

In addition to increasing your share-holder satisfaction, you can be assured that your business with Tech Harsha LLC contributes to the advancement of global community. We are committed to donating 50% our annual profit to charities around the planet.

Getting Started

Please review our products and services, contact us ( and provide a list of products and services you are interested in, so we can create a personalized package for your engagement experience with us.

1/2 ProfitTM Advantage

If you are an entrepreneur who understands and agrees with our 1/2 Profit vision and execute it as part of your core business, you are eligible to use our software products at no cost to you. In addition, as a 1/2 Profit peer, you will be eligible for 15% discount on all of services.

Discounted Price Eligibility

We offer 15% discount on all our products and services to small businesses. To be eligible for our discounted-tier, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have less than 50 employees, and
  2. Annual revenue cannot exceed US $1,000,000.


Please check out our software products section to find out how best you can use our technology at low-cost to improve your bottom-line.


We offer the following services at low prices to enhance your low-cost, high-quality software products experience: