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What is 1/2 ProfitTM ?

1/2 Profit is a term invented by Harshavardhana Pratha in early 2017 and is used as a trademark of Tech Harsha LLC.

Similarity to non-profit

While a non-profit organization works for advancing a particular charitable cause, Tech Harsha LLC helps advancing any charitable cause by supplying technology solutions free of cost to non-profit organizations. The similarity ends there.

Difference from non-profit

The net annual income raised by a non-profit organization is actually called a surplus; not a profit. And such organization’s purpose is to work to advance their charitable cause; not to raise profit. Tech Harsha LLC, on the other hand, sells technology solutions at low cost to small businesses and private enterprises and therefore is a for-profit organization. This is how Tech Harsha LLC differs from a non-profit organization.

What it means

Tech Harsha LLC is committed to donate 50% of its profit to charitable organizations around the planet. This is what we mean by 1/2 Profit.