Tech Harsha LLC
Welcome to our 1/2 ProfitTM Adventure
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About Us

Tech Harsha LLC is a for-profit, limited liability business
incorporated in the great state of Virginia.

Our Mission
Our 4-pronged mission includes developing software to:
  1. advance charitable causes,
  2. promote community service,
  3. encourage small businesses, and
  4. help businesses improve their bottom-line
Our Values
“I strongly believe that if everyone serves their own community, the entire world will be a better place. I am extremely dedicated to serving my community, state, country and our precious planet.”

-- Harshavardhana Pratha, CEO

Most people procrastinate serving their community because they are busy advancing their careers and building their personal wealth. The natural position of such procrastinators is to defer giving back to the community until they reach a comfortable state to do so.

Ayn Rand once said that philosophy is not for the aged, but for you to practice it throughout life. While Ms. Rand did not directly promote community service, I agree with her in that the noble things, philosophy and community service alike, should not be deferred to a later age but ought to be made part of your life.

For this reason and after having participated in a variety of community services over the last decade, I believe that the best way to promote global community is to balance personal career with charitable causes all along the way. This belief saw me invent the term ½ Profit which speaks a lot about Tech Harsha LLC values and played a key role in shaping up our mission. Please be sure to read about my ½ Profit Adventure.

What we do

Our Customers

Following is our expanding list of customers:

Gainesville Indian Association Serebrum Corporation